Something to remind me of the good old days

by - March 18, 2017

I have received the compensation which is worth of my yearly salary from the retrenchment package. So I have been thinking that I should buy something that can remind me of my good old days when was I working with the company rather than just spending it buying insignificant things. Thought of buying something from Habib Jewels but when I googled about the brand I found out about a lot of bad reviews despite its so-called exclusive and stylish grand designs. These are some of the reviews that scared me:

  1. "Ini Bukan Emas!!! Habib Jewel Plaza Angsana Penipu - Noe Niey
  2. The Post about Losing Things (aka HABIB JEWELS SUCK!!!)
  3. HABIB JEWEL SUCKS!!!!!! - Part 1
  4. HABIB JEWEL SUCKS!!!!!! - Part 2

I told myself let's just settle for any ordinary brands from any ordinary gold shops. All I want is something genuine and real with high value.

Last Monday, I decided to drop by at the UTC Keramat Mall to renew my passport and when I was walking towards the Immigration, I realised that there were quite a few of gold shops still open at that time. It was around 6 PM.

So, after I settled with my passport renewal, I decided to check on them and this 916 gold bracelet and the 916 love charm from Kedai Emas Adalia caught my attention. I tried them, fell in love with them and I bought them! Haha... The total weight of the bracelet and charm is around 27 grammes (1 gramme = RM 173, on that day the standard rate was 1 gramme = RM 185), and the upah was around RM 300. My husband doesn't really impress with it because according to him, he can bargain for more cheaper upah and he made me feel terribly guilty!

Then I was like whatever, the damage was done, let's just move on with life, shall we?

Kedai Emas Adalia, Keramat Mall

Kedai Emas Adalia, Keramat Mall

Kedai Emas Adalia, Keramat Mall

To tell you honestly, I am happy with the bracelet and also the charm. They are so gorgeous! :)

I also would like to recommend you to go to Kedai Emas Adalia if you feel like to get some 916 accessories for yourself or your loved ones. It is totally worth it guys!

Kedai Emas Adalia
GB 109 Keramat Mall, Kuala Lumpur
HP: 014 - 838 4691

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